NYC reacts to explosion near Port Authority Bus Terminal

NYC reacts to explosion near Port Authority Bus Terminal

Mayor Bill de Blasio delivers a press conference regarding the explosion that occurred in New York City on December 11th.


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  1. monica wilson

    That religion don t understand nothing. They should be deport all of them.. Syria must be at peace first . or there ways will never change they still send there kids over there to leaen the langage an religion someting that they already no. That is why they need peace first to rebuilt there country.. You can t mix hate whit love or hate whit religion. Send them back.

  2. Indio Juan

    Now is not the time to discuss bomb safety or attacks on civilians. Now is not the time to discuss any precautionary actions or anything of the like. This shows that we may be dealing with a suspect that is mentally ill. And we need to take care of the mentally ill and…… haha who am I kidding? He is not white. So therefore, of course he is a terrorist and this is a terrorist attack. It is crystal clear!! No other explanation. Terrorist!!!!!

  3. Erwin Silva

    Another attack. Where I work I met wonderful people from Morocco who are Muslim. They state "is not our fault that other people do such hideous attacks against their community." But my patience is thin now. And I feel rage in my veins burning when they keep saying their religion is based on love and peace. I see it almost every day- or once a week- someone, somewhere there's death by Islam: Either on France, Germany, England or Australia or in my homeland United States. And I'm sick of it. And I feel disgusted saying this but take all them Muslims back to where they came from!

  4. You're A Walking Dead And Do Know Its Sure Now

    Wow, which way do I go? Black ops false flag, give us more of your livity, "we'll protect you"? Some guy, or gal, pissed off with some office or agency constant abuse, neglect and well, boom! A bonified nut out to harm the unsuspecting? Which way to go, which way to go. If you're going to do something like that, why not take it up close and personal, like the bosses house, car or what ever? This stinks of scare tactics, questions two, who are they going to try and make it stick to this time around and motives.

  5. Negan

    Whatever it is you liberals are holding on to, it's gone. Time to wake the hell up. This isn't the world I want my kids living in and I sure as hell don't want any more of the American people dying. Trumps immigration plan is correct. I remember the world I use to live in and how quickly it changed. Enough is enough now, families are being destroyed by this.

  6. Riske Worldstage

    New Yorkers are never scared. We don't fear random BS. We live with it daily. If you want to scare or terrorize a New Yorker, you need to BE a New Yorker, otherwise you're just another dipshit trying to make noise, and we ignore noise by default. Terrorists just don't get it. We don't care or fear them and never will. All they're doing is proving how cowardly and fearful they really are. A bunch of punks. We've got gangs, organized crime, corrupt cops, and a shit ton of broke people that will kill you for $5. We've got drunk bus drivers, stop-and-frisk, cab drivers with guns, rapists, muggers, and every version of psycho roaming the streets daily. They think a bomb is scary? Try dodging bullets. Please. These pussies need to wake up and realize that 9/11 was the best they could ever do, and now we're ready, so stop playing games and quit already. You'll NEVER terrorize or scare a New Yorker with a bomb. You'll only make us stronger, more prepared, better equipped, less intimidated, and more resilient. Terrorist are a virus but New Yorkers are, each and every one of us, a learning and fortified antibody. They're outnumbered, outclassed, and ineffective. Nice try, terrorist POS. Sike! You all suck and the fear you have…that's because history and nature have proven that a relentless resolve like ours will never be quelled, subdued, or stifled. And to that, let it be understood that, though our nation may be relatively young, and we haven't been in a fruitless perpetual war, we are really good at hating each other and basking in our differences. And we're WAY BETTER at putting those differences aside to defeat our common enemies AKA those who think it's possible to divide us enough that we wouldn't consolidate and consider murdering the entire planet to ensure our freedoms. NYC stands strong! Always has. Always will. Peace.

  7. Young Tang

    Folks, the Muslims not only terrorizing our life, our society, the Muslims strategically pushing our forefathers given Bills of Rights and freedom further into the shit hole. Think about it.

    I’ve said before every Muslim will eventually terrorize the Western society until not a soul of Muslims exist. Muslims are detrimental to peace and prosperity in the Western society, any society.

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